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Diabetes control: Complete meal plan for people diagnosed with type-2 diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is a risky sickness associated with a bad way of life. Which has affected tens of thousands and thousands of humans throughout the world. It is unlucky that India is known as the diabetes capital of the world. Despite this humans aren't capable of convey any alternate of their meals behavior and way of life.

A individual with diabetes may also have a number of fitness problems, which include obesity, blood pressure, inflammation, eye sickness, chance of stroke, etc. Therefore, maximum humans are placed on medicinal drugs and requested to make way of life modifications. which incorporates food plan and exercise. If a few small modifications are made for your food plan, then type-2 diabetes may be averted to a notable extent. Today we are able to inform you such an Indian food plan plan, that you ought to follow.

How to begin your day?

Diabetic sufferers must keep away from having tea or espresso first component withinside the morning, as it is able to growth cortisol levels. And can also destabilize the studying of sugar. Instead, begin the day with a pitcher of heat water. If you want, you could make detox water from such things as fenugreek seeds/cumin seeds/amla and take a handful of soaked nuts with it. It allows in controlling the extent of blood sugar.


Breakfast is the maximum crucial meal of the day as it's far recognized to offer power for your body.

For breakfast, you could have oatmeal, steel-reduce oats, a smoothie, chapatis full of veggies, or a massive bowl of clean fruit.

Boiled eggs also are an amazing option. If you're a non-vegetarian, then devour hen breast.

Always devour starchy flour like ragi made idli/dosa/cheela/complete wheat roti etc.

There also can be more healthy alternatives like chivda/poha/upma.

Drink 1-2 glasses of milk in a day. Apart from this, additionally eat curd and cheese.


For afternoon, make sure which you have your meal on time and do now no longer postpone it. Include nutritious veggies with lentils in a plate. In pulses, you must eat moong dal that is a wealthy supply of protein.

If you devour non-veg, you could additionally select steamed / grilled meat or seafood. One bowl of curd/raita or one glass of buttermilk also can be taken regularly. Just be cautious now no longer to feature greater sugar to it.

If you're a chapati eater, make it from ragi, barley, jowar flour.

Diabetic sufferers must now no longer absolutely prevent ingesting white rice. You can lessen the amount of your meals. Instead of white, you could once in a while select alternatives like brown rice or quinoa.

Evening snack

If you experience hungry withinside the night after lunch, you could drink low milk tea with out sugar or with a bit jaggery.

Keep farfar from chips, snacks, or biscuits.

Roasted gram, bajra bangle, curd or fruit also can be consumed.


Dinner also can consist of low-fats alternatives which includes grilled paneer/tofu/hen/fish or soy dishes. Apart from this, soup or salad also can fill the belly well.


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