Friday, March 17, 2023

New York woman cured of HIV with new treatment

A female from New York changed into cured of HIV after receiving a stem mobileular transplant from umbilical twine blood, scientists announced.

She is stated to be amongst some human beings cured of the virus with a brand new approach that will increase the chances of creating a remedy to be had to a extra racially numerous institution of human beings.

Published as a scientific case document withinside the magazine Cell, the affected person has been dwelling with out HIV seeing that 2017 and is now no longer taking pills to suppress the virus.

According to reports, simply 3 human beings have to this point been showed clean of HIV, and one is in long-time period remission. All 3 cases, the medical doctors have showed, beat the virus after receiving bone marrow transplants from donors clearly immune to HIV.

According to the research, stem cells from umbilical twine blood are extra easily to be had and do now no longer want to be matched as intently as person cells do.

About HIV

Doctors say aside from the showed cases, there may be no remedy for HIV. But with right scientific care, HIV may be controlled. People with HIV who get powerful remedy can stay long, healthful lives and guard their partners.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HIV is a pandemic that assaults the frame`s immune system. If now no longer treated, HIV can cause AIDS.

Signs and signs and symptoms

The diverse signs and symptoms of HIV include:

Most human beings have flu-like signs and symptoms inside 2-four weeks after infection. Symptoms might also additionally remaining for some days or numerous weeks. After those signs and symptoms disappear, HIV might not reason any signs and symptoms for plenty years, even though the virus keeps to harm your immune system.

Some human beings don't have any signs and symptoms at all.

The handiest manner to recognise when you have HIV is to get a check done.

Causes of infection

According to fitness experts, HIV is located withinside the frame fluids of an inflamed man or woman. This consists of semen, vaginal and anal fluids, blood, and breast milk.

It is a delicate virus and does now no longer continue to exist out of doors the frame for long.

HIV can not be transmitted via sweat, urine, or saliva.

The maximum not unusualplace manner of having HIV withinside the UK is thru having anal or vaginal intercourse with out a condom.

Other approaches of having HIV to include:

Sharing needles, syringes, or different injecting equipment

Transmission from mom to child in the course of pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding

The threat of having HIV via oral intercourse may be very low and could be depending on many things, along with whether or not you get hold of or provide oral intercourse and the oral hygiene of the man or woman giving the oral intercourse.


Anyone who has intercourse with out a condom or stocks needles is prone to HIV infection.

There are many powerful approaches to save you or lessen the danger of HIV infection, such as:

Using a condom for intercourse

Post-publicity prophylaxis

Pre-publicity prophylaxis

Treatment for HIV to lessen the viral load to undetectable

Never proportion needles or different injecting equipment, such as syringes, spoons, and swabs


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